Statement from Dr. Cho Ayaba : Kidnap and illegal detention of Ambazonian Citizen Abdul Karim.



He stands for a free, sovereign, and Independent Ambazonia. His position is in the public record, expressed in his speeches, writings, and interviews. Abdul Karim has been in defiance in the face of massacres, wanton destruction of properties by Cameroun's army, and the massive displacement of the Ambazonian people.

His nonviolent opposition to tyranny and illegal extension of borders has not spared him from the wrath and arbitrariness of a defeated Cameroun regime. They have taken men like Abdul before. Tassang Wilfred, Pa Nfor, Professor Awasum, Penn Terrence, and other nonviolent public actors opposed to the occupation of Ambazonia and the brutal treatment of its people. The world must come to the realization that Cameroun's actions against Ambazonian citizens are part of a violent policy approach reflected in systematic and wanton arrest, incommunicado detentions, torture, inhumane and degrading treatment, and conditions of detentions, and massacres. 

The world must frown at these blatant disregards for human dignity, the sanctity of life, and the defilement of basic fundamental rights. 

Ambazonians must realize that no one is safe, and collective security will only be achieved through collective resistance. If Abdul Karim can be abducted in Bamenda without the pretense of due process, no Ambazonian is safe. We are all Ambazonians. 

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